We got it!

Yeay! After almost 8 months being pregnant, we got a name for our baby.

Who would have thought that choosing a baby name can be quite challenging. I’m pretty sure some of us already have a list of baby names even before we’re married or conceived. But of course, some might just sound good but there are other factors that need to be considered.

These are the factors that I consider before picking up THE name :

  1. We both must have mutual feeling about the name. 
  2. It must’ve not remind us of anyone or anything we are not fond of. 
  3. It should have meaning. We don’t want to name our child without any meaning right?
  4. I prefer to not to name my child the name that everyone else have for their child. E.g; Iman, Noah and Adam. 

Now that found the name, we still need to decide on the spelling. Should we go for simple and direct spelling (like hubby’s)  or a little unique and complicated one (like mine) ? 
P.s: so can’t wait to pack our hospital bag! 


Independent no more

I just realized that I always like to do things on my own. Clean my own bathroom, cutting my own toe nails (not pedicure), change the curtain on my own, epilate my own legs, etc.

And lately, due to my big stomach, I can’t reach most parts of my legs and I’m not able to cut my own toe nails. Husband won’t let me clean the bathroom, change the curtain, move heavy stuff e.g. single bed mattress!

I really do appreciate his willingness to help me with all these house chores and willingness to send me off to salon for pedicure but I like doing things on my own. I can’t recall the last time I allow anyone to cut my toe nails (we’re talking about the real nail cutting not minor trim during pedicure). I also have my own standard of cutting my toe nails.

I went for a pedicure 2 weeks ago, the manicurist or in this case pedicurist didn’t trim it up to my preferred length and now it has grown long and I’m feeling really uncomfortable about it. Husband suggested for me to go for another pedicure session but the truth is, my toe nails are still buffed and shining from the previous session. I just need to cut my own toe nails oh my god!

The inner OCD in me is killing me slowly now that I can’t do things on my own. Last weekend, while husband taking his nap, I climbed up the sofa and try to put up the living room curtain. He woke up just at the right time when I almost put up the first curtain hook on the railing. Of course, he got so shocked and almost shouted.

Don’t get wrong, I love every second and every bit of being pregnant. I really enjoy feeling my baby kicking inside of me. I appreciate the kind of attention and love I get from everyone around me. Husband helped me with a lot of things, he even offered to epilate my legs. Thank god he didn’t offer to do my waxing (I still trust my waxing therapist only). I just, really wish the manicurist can cut my toe nails properly and not just trim it plus a pedicure isn’t that cheap anymore!

I can relate. 

Disturbing look

Couple of days ago, I told my colleague (let’s call her B) about how uncomfortable I feel when I realized another colleague of mine giving me a creepy top to toe stare (the perverted kind of stare)

I didn’t mean to bad mouth about anyone, but the colleague that gave me the stare is a senior in the company and he hold quite a respectable position. He also looks like he’s a few years younger than my dad! Ewww

I was taken aback when I heard B’s reply after what I told her.

“Maybe it’s because of your tight clothing that draw his attention”.

I mean, really? How provocative and conspicuous can I be when I was wearing a black, long dress with my huge bump? I might be a little curvy now that I’m 6 months pregnant, but does the stare is really necessary?

Again,  what does B means when she said it was my clothing that was tight? Does it mean, if I wear baju kurung it will stop people from staring at me? Is she also indirectly trying to say if a woman was raped, it is because of her provocative clothing? What about babies being sodomized and raped? Were their clothes or diapers too tight?

I admit that I my clothes might be tight ( to her or to anyone else), but why the other colleagues don’t find it provocative enough to feel that they need to stare at me disrespectful? I didn’t receive that kind of look from anyone else.

After I reached home, I talked to husband about this and ask him, is it my dress or it’s my colleague that needs to lower his gaze? And, thank god I marry the right guy, husband answered, “It’s him who should lower his gaze, sayang.”

One day, if I’m going to have a son, I’ll make sure I educate him well about being respectful to women and if I’m going to have a daughter, I’ll teach her to be smart and not judgmental.


“Tell the believing men that they should reduce/lower (يغضوا) their gaze/vision and guard their private parts…”

Nuts about coco 

I have this one habit, wherever I go for vacation, I will buy at least one toiletries from local convenient store which I know I can’t get in KL or Malaysia. 

Remember whole lot of stuff from Hong Kong? That amazing smell of caramel shower cream from Paris? I remember I made one of my close friend to get me 2 of veet deodorant that I was so addicted to during her holiday in Paris. 

Last year, Lailaa and I decided to order a lot of make up brushes and makeups from iherb.com (because her father was in states, so shipping is cheaper and easier). I ordered this amazing coconut shampoo. 

Never judge a book by its cover. It might not have an amazingly attractive packaging and what not. But smells so good and my hair looks stunning (angkat bakul). Even my husband loves it!

During our babymoon in Phuket (should really start writing about it, meh!) few weeks back, husband and I went to village market somewhere not so very far from our hotel Anantara Layan. While husband is busy raiding the food and drinks area. Guess where was I? Of course! At the best isle in the store. 

As usual, I won’t leave a place with empty hand. I mean, at least a bottle of shampoo or deodorant. 

So I got myself this! 

I’ve never seen this before in Malaysia. This smells wonderful. Love the creamy texture, love the 2 in 1 feature where it scrubs and also moisturizers my skin! Even husband loves this one too!

The sad part about my habit is, once I finish the product, it’s so hard to restock it. Now that my body butter coconut scrub is half bottle left, I kind of feel a little empty inside. Thank god a friend of mine is in Thailand now and I just texted her to get me this. 

Anyone knows where can I get real good imported shower foam, shampoo, etc? 

Less guilty, please

I have never been heavier than 44kgs no matter how much I eat.I’m blessed like that.

The moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew I won’t be 44kgs or less. I was not able to do any intense physical activities during my early pregnancy. Now that I’m half passed pregnancy journey and starting to experience swollen ankles, backache and etc, I think it’s time for me to start working out.

I didn’t put on so much weight during my first trimester. I did start showing quite fast but not so much on weight.

Again, it’s not about putting on weight, I just want to feel good and not feeling tired lazy all the time. I wish we have swimming pool so I could swim. But no, we couldn’t afford our own pool for now. But I did make full use of our hotel’s pool in Phuket during babymoon!

I opted for brisk walk and prenatal yoga. I had major muscle pain when I first started these physical activities, but I still love it! Probably the endorphin released during yoga.Aside from prenatal massage, prenatal yoga also helps lessen swollen ankle and backache.

Well, I need to unleash the inner yogi in me that has been kept for quite some time.

I’ve came across an article saying that our baby tend to do what we did during our pregnancy. I sure want a happy, calm and positive baby (more sleep for mommy, please)

Let’s hope I can still be physically active till the end of my pregnancy.

Till then, I can now enjoy my food feeling less guilty.

P.s: I joined UPWARD YOGA prenatal yoga classs. In case if you’re wondering 😛


My new sleeping partner

As my tum tum grows bigger, I’m starting to have sleeping difficulties.  I can no longer sleep on my back and sleeping on my side is no longer as comfortable as before. I’ve developed  a habit of waking up in the middle of the night due to discomfort during sleep.

Husband’s big hug is no longer reliable to comfort me at night. I knew I have to look for another sleeping companion and bid farewell (i’ll come back. i promise) to husband’s bear hug.

After some research done, and testimonial from my bestie who is a mother of a twin now, husband got me thisssssssssssssssssssssssssss….



Dreamgenii maternity pillow

My sleep is so much better now that I have a new sleeping partner. If only I knew sleeping on my side is a lot better with this, I would buy it even before I’m pregnant.

Thank god I found this just at the right time. Worth every single cent.

p/s: we have yet name my new sleeping partner. Since it has cherry print, I assume it’s a she! Can you suggest what should I name her?


Last weekend, was definitely one of the most memorable weekend my since school sweethearts and I had.

We’ve planned to go somewhere together for soooo long but always too busy with life to make it happen. This time, we make sure it happen before Aen got hitched. Since Anna and I have to attend a wedding on Saturday noon, we thought why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone?

Since all of us are staying in different places, Aen and I are from Klang Valley, Nysa from Teluk Intan (our hometown) and Anna from Lumut, we thought Ipoh isn’t that very far and easy for us to travel since this is an impromptu plan. Plus, Ipoh has good food! This is definitely the biggest reason why we are going to Ipoh for Aen’s bachelorette.

First thing first, our fav breakfast at Hollywood

#partibujangaen starts now at WEIL Hotel

All ready to go to Dinie’s wedding

One with beautiful bride and handsome groom

From left: me, bride to be, Anna, Nysa


Before check out compulsory photo

The famous ‘Nasi Ganja’
Totally forgot about ice kepal..  Haih

Our 2 days was filled with non stop laughter and fun activities.

Aftermath?  I have to take 2 days mc because I had too much fun and came back with major headache and flu.